If you’re a dog owner, then you know that when a dog scratches it’s because of some critters of fleas that might be roaming around his fur. This common knowledge and it’s actually one of the most feasible reasons why frequent scratching takes place.

Frequent Scratching Without Fleas
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However, if your dog is not just compulsively scratching; if it involves licking, too, then you might have quite a problem. There are times where you would feel uncomfortable because it’s going to wake you up in the middle of the night – but if you’re already irritated, imagine what your dog is feeling.

Just like us, when we feel irritated, we tend to massage and to cover the area in our bodies where it’s damaged or injured. With dogs – they tend to scratch, bite, or lick the area. If they don’t have fleas, why do they scratch so much?

Reasons for Frequent Scratching Without Fleas

If your dog doesn’t stop scratching even if they do not have fleas, then it could be a sign of a worse underlying condition. However, the most common reasons of dogs’ frequent scratching without fleas are:

  • Pain
  • Dry Skin
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety and Boredom


Dogs can’t talk so when they’re experiencing something where they’re not feeling comfortable, they tend to attend it through their own ways. What they’ll mostly do is scratch it. When your dog starts by licking a certain part of its body more often than they should, expect that something is making them feel uncomfortable.

In most cases, dog pain is the reason why they resort to frequent scratching because that’s the highest chance of what they can get. They might be succumbed to pain when they tried doing something or any situation of the sort.

Dry Skin

Dogs are not like us where our bodies would immediately be able to adapt to the climate. Dogs aren’t like that, when they experience dry skin, most likely scratch it for the uncomfortable feeling to go away. The usual discomfort is what triggers their intense and compulsive scratching – so we better be aware.


Contrary to what most people believe in, dogs have allergies too. And in fact, their allergies are almost always worse than ours. Dog allergies can be anywhere from regular food allergies, to even climatic allergies, and sometimes environmental – if they’re allergic to pollens, molds, and the like.

These are just the common reasons why dogs do frequent scratching even if they do not have any fleas. Pain would be the most common so how would you treat this?

Dog Pain Treatment

There are several ways on how dog owners can treat the pain that their dogs are feeling. However before that, try determining the following factors first:

  • Severity or intensity of the pain
  • Where the pain is
  • How they got the pain

Many dog owners would say that the most obvious and the most practical thing to do in this case is to take a visit to the vet. That’s good; however, the costs and expenses are some of the things you can avoid if you perform a couple of activities first.

How You Would Know the Location of Their Pain

Figuring this out is simple – try observing them and checking where they frequently scratch. The area in which they scratch the most would be the affected area. That’s where you have to focus. If they’re scratching in different places, try looking closely to which area they scratch the most.

Hot and Cold Compress

Akin to how our natural remedies work, regular pain that dogs feel would be often solved by regular hot and cold compress. Determine where they’re hurting and perform hot/cold compress on the affected area.


Make sure that you massage the area of their pain regularly. This helps them get over the pain without you letting them take certain medications to rid them off of their pain.

Massaging them after a hot shower or bath would be nicer.


And with all those remedies, you can try partnering it up with vitamins or supplements in order for them to not only get rid of their pain, but for them to recover fully. If you let your dog do its frequent scratching without fleas, you may end up experiencing something worse than that.

Their skins might deteriorate; their fur can fall off, or they can wound themselves. So when you notice them acting quite differently, the best course of action to take is to respond to it quickly.

There are a lot of vitamins out there but the best one that’s recommended by most dog experts and vets would be Mighty Munch’s Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews and the Mighty Health Multivitamins Soft Chews.

These supplements are essential for a dog’s health as it has all the vitamins and minerals they need to have.

Why the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews for Frequent Scratching Without Fleas?

If you notice that your dog has frequent scratching without fleas, and it’s somewhere between the hip and the leg area, then it’s most likely due to the pain they’re feeling within their joints. There are instances where a dog would feel pain not because they’re injured but because they’re not getting the right amount of nutrients.

With our Hip & Joint Soft Chews, your dog can be well and healthy because this contains high levels of MSM which is for the benefit of joint health – it blocks the waves of impulses of joints; Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCI) which is for the formation of healthy cartilage, keeping it from being damage and broken easily; and Chondroitin Sulfate which is for absorption of minerals and nutrients of cartilages.

In addition to that, these soft chews also have Vitamin C, Magnesium Stearate, as well as Fish Oil. The pain they’d be feeling will definitely be gone and their joints or their cartilages would fully recover in about weeks’ time.

You can let your dogs take this even if they don’t have joint pain! By letting them take this, you’re on the way to preparing their joints and their cartilages to be healthy.

Why the Mighty Health Multivitamins Soft Chew Frequent Scratching Without Fleas ?

To partner it up with the Hip & Joint Soft Chews, our multivitamins would be more than effective in this cause. If the Hip & Joint Soft Chews would clear out the pain and let their joints recover fully, the multivitamins add up to that effect as well.

Our Multivitamins Soft Chews are made with compact Vitamin D3 which is the best for the proper and correct bone formation. Not only that, it also regulates both the phosphorus and the calcium in your dog’s body; Manganese that would be key to producing your dog’s energy and help in the proper metabolic process; and Vitamin B12 which promotes healthy nervous systems that would be effective in prolonging the pain signals sent to the brain.

How Much I Should Let My Dog Take?

All of our products have a uniform way of how they should be eaten:

  • Dogs that are under 25 lbs – they should be given at least ½ of the soft chew daily;
  • From 25 to 75 lbs – these dogs should be given at least 1 soft chew per day; and
  • Dogs that are 75 lbs or heavier – they should be given at least 2 soft chews per day.

These recommended prescriptions are perfect in keeping your dog’s health in check. Thousands of our clients have proven the effectiveness of our products and with that, they’re not experiencing anything wrong with it.

Don’t worry about the taste of the soft chews – 99.9% of all dog owners who order from us reported that their dogs loved the treats. Just a handful of dogs didn’t but that might be because they have underlying conditions about tasting – and we’re on it too.

If you care about your dog, then we’ll definitely care about them too here at Mighty Munch. Our supplements are more than enough for your dog; and the best part about that is that you don’t have to pay your vet a visit!

So if your dog is doing frequent scratching without fleas – don’t worry, we got you!

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