We often say that a dog is the closest creature to a man – because of their ability to comprehend, empathize, and even feel for human beings. That’s also one of the primary reasons why they are referred to as the “man’s best friend.”

MSM For Dogs
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That being said, this is a good indicator that just like people, dog experience a bit of what we do too. For instance, when we have or when we experience a fever, dogs have it too; when we’re feeling unwell because of joint pains and arthritis, dogs feel it too.

But unlike us, dogs can’t tell us that their joints are aching. They’re not capable of voicing out what they’re feeling. So as dog owners, how do we distinguish this? Would we be able to tell if our dogs are experiencing joint and leg pains?

Common Signs That Dogs Feel Joint Pain

Even if dogs aren’t able to communicate well about what they feel, we can have a too few many ways on how we can distinguish it. These subtle signs will usually tell you that a dog is feeling unwell:

  • Showing signs of subtle agitation
  • Limping when moving or when walking
  • Becoming too quiet than the usual
  • They cry out, howl, or yelp
  • They don’t eat much as how they normally do

When they give you these signs, then you already know that they’re in pain. And what pain are they feeling you may ask? If they’re not wounded or injured, they’ll most likely be feeling joint and knee pains; pains that they would most usually feel because of how they run, walk, and jump.

MSM: The Solution

If you observe that your dog’s joints are hurting, what your last resort should be is to bring them to the vet. For now, try observing them and seeing which of their joints is hurting. A quick and easy solution is to give them MSM.

MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic compound that can be found in people and in animals. It’s world-renowned to be one good solution to joint pain. For years, MSM for dogs has been one of the most successful, the most effective, and the most natural solutions to dog joint pains.

A little prescription of it can allow you to find the solution you need for your dog’s pain. Don’t worry if it’s not prescribed by the vet, you can have your dogs take MSM even on your own. It’s a compound; not really looked at as a drug so there’s no way that they’ll be overdosing.

What It Can Do For Dogs

So what does MSM for dogs do? Do dogs react the same way as us when we’re given supplements and medication? How and when does it take effect? To answer this, let’s take a step back and try understanding joint pains.

Joint pains are merely the effect of less functioning of the cell and this is caused primarily by deficiencies. When this happens, the repair of cells and tissues slow down – causing your dog to feel pain in its joints.

Without the proper amount of sulfur your dogs need, they result to be limping because of the pain they feel. Do take note though that sulfur that is biologically active is not just important for dogs; it’s essential to every living creature.

Therefore, MSM for dogs is just like giving them the supplement they need for their pain to stop eventually. It wouldn’t happen very fast but it is going to take effect.

With the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews, you can definitely say goodbye to your dog’s pain. The soft chews we’ve innovated has proven its worth and its effectiveness in the field, with over thousands of people wanting it.

What the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews is Made of

Giving this to your dogs is like giving them the treat of their lives; packed with the right amounts of Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCI), Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM, these chews are not only a treat to them, but a treat to their health as well.

This supplement is enough to supply what your dogs need for their active sulfur levels – it’s more than enough to keep their tissues and their joints active and going. Feeding dogs the soft chews we offer can help them and their owners live and have better lives with no stress about their joints and their tissue-repair.

How it Should be Fed

You don’t need to call a vet for it – you can do it yourself. Feeding your dogs the MSM-rich supplement we offer is easy; you’d let them take it after meal and through the following prescriptions:

  • Dogs Under 25 lbs – ½ soft chew per day
  • Between 25 to 75 lbs – 1 soft chew per day
  • Over 75 lbs – 2 soft chews per day

It’s easy as reading a book and you wouldn’t experience any type of trouble with it. You just have to feed this to them and they’re all set!

What if My Dog Doesn’t Have Joint Pain?

Then you’re lucky! The majority of dogs, especially those that are aging – just like us people – are prone to joint pains. The MSM for dogs supplements we offer aren’t just for those experiencing it, owners can use it to prevent joint pains, too!

Follow the recommended feeding guide for each and you’ll notice your dog’s health spiking. With the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chew, you’ll get the best and the right amounts of MSM for your dogs!

You can keep them healthy, stress and risk-free! You wouldn’t ever feel the need to bring them to a vet when they experience joint pains ever again!

If you’re interested, here are the other dog supplements and vitamins we offer here at Mighty Munch. You might find some of them interesting and you can definitely get any of those to keep your dog’s health at bay.

The next time you see your dogs limping, do not ever hesitate to let them take the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews. We can guarantee that it’s going to be the best and the healthiest treat they’ll ever encounter in their lives – we’re sure that they’ll love it!

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