If you think that dogs do not experience the regular pain like how regular people do, think again. Akin to us people, dogs experience some of the common problems we experience too like feeling nauseous, having arthritis, diarrhea – and even dog leg pain.

Dog Leg Pain
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One big problem with how dogs experience pain is the fact that they are not able to express their pain like we do. They do not talk; and they can’t really converse and express how they feel. However, as dog owners and lovers, we are keen on whatever they are feeling because we know how they act whenever they don’t feel normal.

They might do some things like jump up and down, circle around, or any other type of sign that they’re feeling unwell. But even if that is the case, you can’t always rely on self-healing, especially if your dog is experiencing leg pain and arthritis.

Are you aware of how you can treat your dog that is experiencing leg pains? Do you know what type of medication you need to get them?

Treating Dogs With Arthritis

Similar to people, arthritis is something that sometimes goes away on its own but you still need some type of medication. How people approach it is that they take glucosamine; a compound that aids in the repair of cartilage that strays the pain – in dogs, it’s pretty much the same.

Dogs are given some type of glucosamine, either liquid or solid and this can take care of the leg pain they are feeling. It takes about a few hours before the medications take effect.

But do you know and are you aware on how you can determine if a dog is experiencing leg pain? Are you equipped with the knowledge in determining it?

Dog Leg Pain: How Would You Know?

There are subtle and obvious signs that you can see to determine if your dog has leg pain. But be mindful because you might think that what they act is just normal when in fact, they’re already in pain. Here are some of the signs you can anticipate to know if your dog is in pain:

  • Yelping, crying out, or growling when the part of the leg is touched
  • Dog is agitated when their legs are touched
  • Lumping, difficulty to move
  • Negative change in their eating habits
  • Grumpiness even if they’ve known you for the longest time

So How Do You Help Them?

You can give them medication or some type of relief like glucosamine, but wouldn’t it be better if you provide them with natural medication? Wouldn’t it be nicer for them to have their dog leg pains relieved and alleviated naturally?

Just like people, there are some natural ways on how you can relieve the pain that dogs are feeling. Unlike us, however, the methods and the processes are different. Nevertheless, here are some of the home remedies that you can perform to help your dog’s leg pain be relieved and alleviated.

Care in Handling and Moving

Given the circumstances that your dog is already experiencing pain, they’ll be more cautious in moving. You’ll see them moving slowly than their usual speed and movement; you’ll see that some of their movements are restricted.

But in accordance with that, you also have to make sure that you handle your dog with care. You can’t hold them like you normally do when they’re fine. Let them rest and make sure that the pain they’re feeling is not touched or aggravated.

Enough Rest or Sleep

Just like in any creature, resting or sleeping is the most important part in terms of regeneration or recovery. While sleeping, our cells are built back again – they regenerate. The time to heal is dependent on the severity of the situation.

If you see your dog resting most of the time, then chances are he or she is in pain. Just let them rest, support them.

Hot or Cold Compress

In us humans, whenever we feel muscular pain, we resort to either applying hot or cold compress. This reduces the swelling and gets rid of the pain we are feeling. The same goes with dogs – and in fact, this is one of the simplest and the most basic dog leg pain home remedies.

Applying hot or cold compress to the affected area can take care of the pain; and it can happen in as fast as 24 hours.

Massaging Them

Everyone loves massages – even our furry friends love it. It could be done at any given time but it’s better done after them taking a bath for them to feel relaxed. One of the easiest and cheapest dog leg pain home remedies is by massaging them.

Not only do they get relief, the stress that they’re feeling is also removed by it. Use some essential oils so that they can be relaxed with the smell, too. If you’re not comfortable, there are alternative massage gels that can warm the joints – this helps your dog with the pain they are experiencing.


Though it may sound a bit odd, but having them exercise is a good way to rid them off of the leg pains they are experiencing, too. Simple exercises like brisk walking, stretching, and other basic exercises can help them with the pain they are experiencing.

You can do it at least once a day and check for about a week. If they’re still acting the same way, then it would be best to visit the vet for some dog medication.

Supplements and Vitamins

One reason why your dog is too susceptible to pain is that he or she might lack the needed vitamins and minerals they should be having. Eating healthy might not be enough in this situation – so what you might need to do as their owner is to have them take supplements and vitamins.

Here at Mighty Munch, we offer simple solutions to your dog’s leg pain. We have the MightyHealth Hip & Joint Soft – Chews and our MightyHealth Multivitamin Soft – Chews. Both of which are great natural home remedies for your dog’s leg pain.

No Dangerous Chemicals Added

All products of Mighty Munch are made with natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about side-effects of chemical substances. Our MightyHealth Multivitamin Soft – Chews are abundant with vitamin B12 which helps in the promotion of your dog’s nervous system and the formation of the blood cells.

It is also made with vitamin D3 which is responsible for bone formation and regeneration, as well as muscle control. This is responsible for the calcium regulation that balances the dog’s health.

Our MightyHealth Hip & Join Soft – Chews, on the other hand, is a type of supplement that helps dogs in their overall mobility. Whenever they’re feeling pain, these dog chews are more than enough to be a solution for them.

It contains Glucosamine HydroChloride which is the main reason for the repairing of healthy cartilage. So whether your dog is experiencing problems with their joints, their legs, or their limbs, this is perfect for them.

There are tons of different dog leg pain home remedies you can try but if you want the solution that acts fast, efficient, and effectively, have them take the supplements we offer here at Mighty Munch! All our products are proven to be safe and effective – thousands of dog owners love it!

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