When our dogs feel or experience pain, we, as dog owners, usually don’t notice it that much. Because of the fact that they cannot communicate what they’re feeling; we’re often left unwarned about what they are experiencing. Chondroitin for dogs is usually the answer but is it all natural?

Chondroitin for Dogs: Why it's Effective?
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However, there are certain signs that you would be able to notice about your dogs if they are in pain. But what types of pain do dogs feel? Is it the same with us and our everyday lives like we experience headaches, tummy pain, or pain within our joints and bones?

Usual Dog Pain

Contrary to what most people believe in, just like any mammal and just like us humans, dogs feel and get headaches, too. In fact, their behavior is a key in determining whether or not they have a headache. Aside from a headache, dogs are more likely to experience any of the following pains:

  • Eye dysfunctions or eye inflammation and irritation
  • Toothaches
  • Joint and bone pain
  • Allergies
  • Injuries and head injuries
  • And the like

Having the same composition of bones and muscle, they’d feel cramps, muscle spasms, and joint pain, too. When they experience or get these types of pain, they usually act it out to let you know so that you can work in helping them be relieved from it.

What You Need to Do

When a dog is in pain, getting them to the vet immediately would not solve the problem. In fact, you might just spend irrelevantly. What you can do instead is to try figuring out what’s hurting them first then try to act upon it.

Getting Them Supplements and Vitamins

One good way on how you can relieve them is to try to have them take chondroitin. Chondroitin, in its term is a compound that is a major factor in the repair of tissues, muscles, and cartilages. Chondroitin for dogs and for people work the same way – to provide cartilage repair and healthy cartilage replacement.

In this battle, Chondroitin is not alone, in fact, Glucosamine is another important and crucial compound responsible for the joints’ and cartilages’ repair.

Where to Find Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Dogs

Glucosamine is a substance that is usually found in the shells of crustaceans; hence, it is a product from the food industry that can be used for the relieving of the pain that dogs and humans – actually other mammals, too feel.

Because of its properties, Glucosamine HCL can be quickly absorbed by the body – usually within 15 to 30 minutes for humans, and about 5 to 10 for dogs, cats, and other mammals that have shorter and narrower intestinal tract.

Chondroitin for dogs, on the other hand, is sourced from marine wildlife and those types of environments. But, scientists and researchers are on the hunt of getting it from other forms as well. Chondroitin is not a consistent substance and it’s usually present in a wide range of forms and how it’s effectiveness is will vary.

Supplements With High Levels of Chondroitin For Dogs

There are supplements offered in the market that provides a high level of Chondroitin for dogs and we here at Mighty Munch are prepared to give that to you! We have the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews that are effective in solving the pain and the grief that dogs are feeling.

It’s packed with chondroitin sulfate that you would want for your dogs in order for them to be free from the pain they’re feeling from their joints and their cartilage

With the chondroitin sulfate we have in our soft chews, it will enable the cartilage to absorb the nutrients it needs for it to remain healthy.

What Other Vitamins Does Our Hip & Joint Soft Chews Have?

In addition to the chondroitin sulfate that it has, it also contains abundant levels of MSM or methylsulfonylmethane; this one is responsible in blocking the impulses of pain that your dogs are feeling. With amounts of these in your dog’s vitamins, pain wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCL) is also present and this is crucial for a dog’s ability to repair healthy cartilage. Not just that, if you are unaware, Glucosamine is what’s usually used for arthritis and osteoarthritis even for us people – so having this for your dogs is good.

How Helpful Are Our Products?

All our products are designed to prevent damage to the dogs’ joints. Even if your dog is not feeling pain in those areas, you can let them take our soft chews because it strengthens the tissues, the cells, and the joints of dogs overall.

Moreover, if your dog is already suffering enough damage maybe from an injury, cartilage damage, or even bone fractures – you can count on our products to help you and your dog!

Try out our Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews and never find another alternative for your dog’s pain ever again! Check out some of our products and maybe, you’ll be able to find what you need!

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