At least once, you definitely saw your dog lick its paws. It’s definitely normal, in fact, most dog owners don’t mind this. Paw licking, in any other type of animal, is a way of grooming themselves or cleaning their paws.

Excessive Paw Licking Remedies
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But what if you noticed a red rash or area on your dog’s paws? What if they’re excessively licking their paws? Before we go to that option, let’s first figure out why dogs lick their paws other than the fact that they’re just grooming. What are the best natural excessive paw licking remedies you can let them take?

Before we get to that, let’s go ahead and see what causes the intense paw licking first.

Why Dogs Lick Their Paws

Instead of just grooming, paw licking can be a signal of an underlying condition; as a matter of fact, it can be any of the following reasons.


Does your dog have food allergies? Did they consume something they’re allergic to? If so, then it’s one of the most typical reasons on their excessive paw licking. Just like us people, dogs form habits, too. When they form this habit, it can lead irritation and eventually, injury.


 Another thing that can be causing this excessively licking of the paws is because of an injury or pain they’re feeling. Since they’re not capable of expressing what they’re feeling, they tend to meddle with pain by paying attention to it, e.g they could look at it often, hide it, and lick it constantly.

Something Stuck in Paws

There are a lot of reasons why they lick their paws and most of them couldn’t be serious. This could also mean that they stepped on something, like an insect or plastic for example and they’re not able to get it out of their paws.

So, they lick it to signal their owner to help them get rid of it. But when it comes to health, paw licking could be anything. Just like us people, there might be underlying conditions involved about the fact that they are licking their paws too much.

Bringing Them to a Vet

As most dog owners would suggest, bringing them to a vet would be the most obvious thing to do. However, it might be costly for you and you might not be able to arrive at the conclusion that could take care of your dog’s excessive paw licking.

There are, however, some things you can do at home to get your dog’s mind off of what they’re feeling. You can:

  • Take them for a walk to keep them busy
  • Play with them
  • Give them treats
  • Let them take supplements and medication (for pain and injury)

Keeping them busy would be the best thing to do, if they just formed paw licking as a habit. But what if they’re licking it because of pain and injury? What things can you do so you can help them?

As a dog owner, you’ll definitely notice if they’re in pain or injured because excessive paw licking would not be the only thing you will notice. You will see that they are starting to:

  • Limp and feel a little bit stiffer
  • Cry out and yelp when the injury or the paw in pain is touched
  • They get and feel agitated whenever the pain is triggered
  • Slowly stop eating and feel depressed
  • Become grumpy and show signs of being in pain

Paw Licking Remedies That Work Effectively

In these cases, the best next step to take is to observe what really it is they’re feeling – if it’s pain, just a bit of allergies, or both. If it’s pain, you could take certain steps to take them off of the pain like applying hot and cold compress; you can have them exercise so they wouldn’t dwell on the fact that they are in pain; you could make them take vitamins and supplements; and you can do all of them!

The best vitamins and supplements you can let your pups take could be anything as long as it’s prescribed. But if you want the best and the most effective, you can count on us here at Mighty Munch and our Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews.

From its name, you already know what this supplement provides. For dog leg, joint, and paw pain, you can let them take it so that they’ll feel a lot relived. The soft chews we offer contain a wide variety of ingredients but the ingredients responsible for the feeling of pain relief are:

  • Chondroitin Sulfate – the ingredient that allows fast muscle recovery and better nutrient absorption of the cartilage;
  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCI) – the ingredient that leads the proper formation and repair of healthy cartilage; and
  • MSM or methylsulfonylmethane which is the main thing that prevents joint and leg pains of dogs.

These active ingredients in our Hip & Joint Soft Chews are definitely part of the best excessive paw licking remedies you could give your pups.

Are These Effective as Natural Paw Licking Remedies?

Based on the feedback and the comments from our clients who got to try our Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews, they were amazed at how fast the recovery and the effectivity rate were. Within weeks, dog owners were able to see the impact of the soft chews to their dogs.

They saw that the dogs felt a lot less of the pain they usually felt. In addition to that, their dogs became healthier – thanks to the pack of Vitamin C that is a part of the ingredient of the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews.

Why Trust Us?

We here at Mighty Munch have one goal – and that is to make sure that all of our clients’ dogs are well taken care of. If you notice that they’re meddling with their paws often, don’t stop by the vet yet – try out some of the natural excessive paw licking remedies offered here with a touch of the Mighty Health Hip & Joint Soft Chews!

Never let your dogs feel pain that they cannot bear ever again; try out some of the tips we have and you’ll never regret that you chose us!

Thousands of clients come to us on a weekly basis because of the effectiveness of our soft chews – why not be one of them? Don’t succumb to chemically-induced medication; try natural remedies so that your dogs wouldn’t have hidden side effects that you might regret later on.

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